The Story of Amir

Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon
United Arab Emirates


Last year, on his 6th birthday, Amir raised his right arm and opened his palm to show number 5, and then tried to raise his left arm to add a one to the five but was not able to. Last year, Amir turned 6.

Like many kids, Amir came to the center, when he was 4 years old, after his parents felt a lot of changes. He had a persistent high fever for more than two weeks in a row, and he no longer played with the rest of the kids.

Amir took the treatment for his neuroblastoma cancer.

The average duration of treatment at the center is 3 years, but sometimes, the treatment might have physical or psychological side effects. For the psychological side effects, the center has a specialized team. And because saving lives is the number one priority, the physical side effects of chemotherapy are fixed at a later stage. This meant, Amir needed a surgery to reconnect the tendons of his shoulder and repair the bone.

Last year, Amir celebrated his birthday at the hospital. It was a totally new experience to him and his family. Back then, we urged you to support us so Amir will be able to do the surgery, and so that before his 7th birthday, he will be able to raise his left arm and shows us the victory sign. A victory over cancer at the age of 7!

Today, Amir is 7!

Amir is celebrating at home after having finished all his surgeries and treatments.

Today, because of YOU, Amir raised his arm indeed and showed us number 7.

The sign of victory over cancer at the age of 7!

Today, let’s make a difference in the life of 350 other patients like Amir.

Donate to the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL), where kids with cancer from all over the region are offered free treatment, at no cost to their parents, and with an 80% average cure rate.

Children are admitted at CCCL from all over the region, without any kind of discrimination, and receive the latest treatment totally for free regardless their parents’ ability to pay.


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Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon
United Arab Emirates

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