Usha's 50th Birthday

Usha Shah
United Arab Emirates


My Name is Usha Shah I turn 50 on August 3rd!

A lot of people fear turning 50 however I am incredibly grateful for hitting this milestone. This year I BEAT cancer, making this birthday a very special occasion.

Me and my family have always been giving back to the communities we live in. Therefore, since being diagnosed with cancer, I wanted to share my journey and experience with cancer on social media. My aim was to provide information for other cancer patients on treatments they may go through and give advice and encouragement. As I was starting my treatment, everything was new to me. I felt overwhelmed and scared for what I would have to go through, so I documented my thoughts, emotions and fears.

My page is @pinkcancersurvivordxb on Instagram. Before donating, please check out my page and give me a follow.

During the pandemic, 2020, I was diagnosed with ER+ PR- HER2 - Breast Cancer, after 16 rounds of chemo, 25 sessions of radiation and a mastectomy with reconstruction I can call myself a cancer survivor, however my journey hasn't stopped my treatment continues for the next 4 years to eliminate a recurrence of cancer.

A year later, Al Jalila Foundation & a very grateful sponsor the Marriott Group donated and supported the Foundation to create a Women drop-in wellness center for cancer warriors, the location is Ground floor, building 12 in Dubai Health Care City, Dubai UAE. A real game changer in supporting cancer women in the UAE. I was privileged to be part of the launch and In November 2021 Majlis Al Amal by Al Jalila Foundation opened its doors, I have been an active volunteer ever since.

The center works on donations, companies offering their time and services including fundraising events initiated by individuals, groups, and businesses. One of the initiatives provided by Al Jalila is the Awen program where women who have no means of paying for their treatment plan, can seek funding, giving them a chance of survival.

For my 50th birthday, I want to give back to Majlis Al Amal by Al Jalila Foundation by raising a large donation through various events, from August on wards to support the Awen program for newly diagnosed women battling with cancer. Being diagnosed with cancer can be emotional draining and overwhelming. Money shouldn’t be a barrier in providing the care someone needs.

I hope to give someone the opportunity to get the treatment they need. Giving them a real fighting chance of survival. Cancer is no joke, and it can leave someone feeling lifeless. After knowing the pain and suffering cancer treatments bring with the added burden of funding it can lead to high levels of anxiety and stress, my motive for this donation is to leave a smile on someone’s face and give that person a chance to breathe, laugh and live life again.

Make this birthday gift a REAL GIFT OF LIFE!

This page will stay open for 6 months, so please, however small, any amount of donation would be heavily appreciated.


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Usha Shah
United Arab Emirates

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