Winter Emergency Appeal 2021

UK Islamic Mission


Winter poses threat to millions across the globe, including Syrian refugees and Rohingya refugees to name just two. These refugees are in particularly difficult conditions as their displaced status often means that they do not have access to healthcare. This can result in millions dying from the seasonal flu; an illness that is highly curable. Furthermore, refugee shelters are some of the most crowded places in the world, with 40,000 people per square kilometer, making transmission of these illnesses inevitable. 

What Are We Doing to Help?

We use your donations to help India, give aid to Yemen, provide help to poor families in Pakistan, and much more. In aid of winter crises across the globe, including the Syria winter crisis, we provide families with warmth packs, cooked meals, and winter survival packs. In the absence of our Syria winter clothes appeal and the supplying of survival packs, we would see so many more vulnerable people deprived of food, shelter, and healthcare. It is our goal to eliminate these struggles from people’s lives and give them a chance to prosper. We have already made significant progress, helping over 22,000 people in these countries last year alone. 

How to make a difference

Your donations can bring a world of opportunity to the people who need it most across the globe. Assist us in supporting millions of vulnerable people worldwide by donating to our Winter Emergency Appeal today.


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