Run for Kids

Prashant Bhatia
United Arab Emirates


I am a practicing glaucoma specialist with running as a new found passion since the last five years. 

Community ophthalmology has been ingrained from my training days in India at Manipal and Hyderabad . I have been trying to use that philosophy to combine it with my new passion, running, as a means of giving back to the community

Care of children is an area close to my heart both as a physician as well as a father and patient attendant. Its a challenging specialty which is fairly expensive to set up and maintain, requiring a lot of hard work from a dedicated team, but extremely gratifying. I have been able to view the folks' at Al Jalila Childrens from a patient attendants' perspective and am in admiration for their approach to excellence

I am fortunate to be able to be of help here and would love share this opportunity with the community


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Prashant Bhatia
United Arab Emirates

Fundraising for charity - Al Jalila Foundation
Raised : 2,375.86AED
Raised 24%
Goal : 10,000.00AED
Created Jan 21, 2020

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