Project Maji

Project Maji

We are on a mission to serve 1 million people in rural communities with sustainable access to safe water by 2025.

Who We Are

Project Maji is a non-profit safe water enterprise working to bring sustainable access to clean water in rural communities across Sub-Saharan Africa.

What We Do 

Project Maji designs, develops and implements solar-powered water kiosks, called the Project Maji Cube. Designed to be fit-for-purpose to perform well in the harsh and varied rural environments, our cubes are modular, customisable, mobile-enabled, affordable, and durable. With a steady supply of sunshine year-round in the communities we serve, there is a constant power-supply to all our sites at zero cost: a key element in keeping our solution truly sustainable.

The Maji solution offers an  e-payment system through which communities are able to collect water at any time, simply at the touch of a tap, saving time that would otherwise be spent waiting in long queues at the handpump or walking to distant and polluted, open water sources. In addition, the in-built remote monitoring and robust site-servicing allow for a daily evaluation of the performance of each kiosk, resulting in maximum uptime at efficient costs.

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