United World Schools

United World Schools

United World Schools (UWS) is an education charity with a simple mission, to teach the unreached.

Every child has the right to education.

Children from remote, marginalised communities deserve the chance to go to school, and they are determined to achieve their dreams. They know that education is the key to a brighter future. United World Schools works in some of the world's most remote and marginalised regions to help communities to achieve this goal, and help children achieve their dreams.  

We educate children because it is their right - and the impact of that education can be felt for generations. For each additional year of schooling, a child’s future income increases by up to 10%. 

Over the last 12 years,  we have reached over 43,000 children across Cambodia, Nepal and Myanmar. We have build over 250 schools, and trained 1,200 teachers to deliver life-changing education.  We work closely with each community to establish a school, involving local people at every step and amplifying their voices.

By 2030, our goal is to reach 250,000 primary school aged children with a life-changing education.  Because every child has the right to a free, accessible and quality education. Join us on this mission to transform the lives of children and empower entire communities through education. 

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