Surge for Water
United Arab Emirates


A story is told with this piece through its materiality, shapes, and colors inspired by the 20s/ 50s/ 70s & 90s iconic decades; juxtaposing prominent elements from each decade to demonstrate the distinctive contrast between them. From an asymmetrical base that carries the weight of the complexity of design evolution, its perception alludes from different angles; resembling the root of design perception and how every angle provides the viewer with a unique experience.

The design decades are collated together as the core of the piece incorporating Pop-art inspired threads of time that represent the decades at different timeframes, yet co-existing in the mind of the designer, encapsulated between post-modernist concrete-look elements with Modern and Bauhaus inspired vertical lining throughout. Accentuating this piece, the Art Deco design influence is evident with its intricate patterns and metallic silver colors, skewed through metal simple forms.

The Paradox symbolizes the collide of these design decades in today’s world, how our perception of design is influenced by them and how they inspire the future of design. Preserved and untouched, the design decades are seized in a cube of light within the heart of the larger cube representing the power of design beaming light through the complicated and interlaced events of the world that paradoxically coincided and influenced design through time.

Design Team: DLR

Build Partners: Finishes & Beyond and Advance Laser Works

Size: 25 x 25 x 67 cm

Funds raised from this sale will go towards Surge for Water's holistic, transformative work to bring safe water, sanitation & hygiene solutions to global communities most in need. Learn more:

Delivery is only possible in the UAE.


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Surge for Water
United Arab Emirates

Created Nov 16, 2023


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