"The Prophet (pbuh) said, “He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while the neighbor to his side goes hungry.” Give Back This Ramadan


Gulf for Good
United Arab Emirates



UAE-based charity Gulf for Good will raise funds for children in need with the support of rock band, The Boxtones. Please click here to watch the 'Humanity'  music video.

Anne Edmondson, Chairwoman of Gulf for Good, expressed her thanks to The Boxtones, adding: "As humanity faces one of the most challenging years of our times, we are proud to partner with The Boxtones to release this special message of solidarity and hope for a better future. At Gulf for Good, we believe every child has the right to a happy and sustainable life. Our work supports charity partners who share our core values. A key focus for G4G is education for all children, regardless of colour, creed, or gender. This song is a representation of that commitment. We hope to welcome your support, share awareness, and help raise as much money for children in need around the world as we can."

The Boxtones, a multi-award-winning Scottish/Canadian rock-pop band are releasing the video, with official single release to follow, in support of an international campaign to raise funds for children all over the world affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gary Tierney - vocalist, guitarist & songwriter of The Boxtones, said: "Humanity is a song about hope. We wrote the song before the pandemic of 2020 to spread our message of hopeful solidarity between people of different race, class, and gender. We voiced our message through the children of Dubai, from all ethnicities and walks of life, in the music video we created to support the track.”

The Boxtones met with Gulf for Good officials when the pandemic broke out as they had noticed a lack of support for children affected by it, said Louise Peel, The Boxtones second vocalist. “It was an immediate fit, and we began the plan to release Humanity straight away,” she said. “We are confident that with Gulf for Good’s support and The Boxtones’ meaningful message, we will be able to help many children around the world get the help they need and access to education in these trying times.”

Please click here to watch the 'Humanity' music video

This campaign is approved by the Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department license no 3133.

To learn more about what we do, click here: Gulf for Good


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Gulf for Good
United Arab Emirates

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