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Alanna cycles 180km across the Emirates for Lebanon

Alanna Turpin
United Arab Emirates


Raising money to help rehabilitate Beirut after the blast on 4 August 2020

In true Omnicom Media Group style, we've decided to get together and do something tangible to help the community in Beirut. Determined to end 2020 on a positive note, we're going to spend three days and two nights cycling the trails of the UAE and camping with our colleagues. 

Our goal is to raise enough collectively to rehabilitate a minimum of five houses that have been effected by the blast in collaboration with Nusaned. We have been supporting Nusaned since they launched a year ago, with marketing consulting, pro bono media and social media support. We want to be able to show our continuous support and physically see the impact of our work. 

My personal story: 

This is more of a challenge for me than most. Last year, I underwent a critical surgery on my mid spine, spending 4 days in intensive care and a further 3 days in hospital in the UK. I went from being an incredibly active and adventurous person, completing two half ironman last year, and two the year before, to being pushed around in a wheelchair for months.

The location of my spine injury meant that I had to undergo very invasive surgery, which included having to deflate my lung to get to my spine and fix it. It took months for me to feel like myself again, with my immune system and energy levels being lower than they had ever been. Just as started to feel better, COVID hit and I was once again confined to four walls.

I've recently got back on the bike, on the yoga mat and enjoying the freedom of movement like a dream!

To be transparent, of the total raised here: 

  • 15% of funds raised go to Gulf for Good (NPO in the UAE and registered UK charity) for their sustainability
  • 10% of funds raised go to International Humanitarian City for their emergency work 

The remaining will go 100% to Nusaned and our cause. 


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Alanna Turpin
United Arab Emirates

Raised : 6,225.00AED
Raised : 124%
Goal : 5,000.00AED

Created Oct 25, 2020

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IACAD Permit No.. 3377

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  • Miguel

    2020-12-18 12:10:05

    Great cause and fantastic personal achievement!

  • Almu Casas

    2020-12-11 01:41:32

    You got this girl!!! 🎈💙

  • Nadim Samara

    2020-12-10 15:22:07
  • Toby Hall

    2020-12-08 10:56:15

    Best of luck! Great cause!

  • Anonymous

    2020-12-06 07:34:06
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    2020-12-03 07:41:43
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    2020-11-24 11:54:30
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    2020-11-23 11:32:16
  • Vibhav Prabhudesai

    2020-11-22 15:54:29
  • Abdulla Al Nuaimi

    2020-11-22 11:13:07

    Well done Alanna, good luck with it!

  • Maher G

    2020-11-17 15:36:22
  • Anonymous

    2020-11-15 09:26:23
  • Kinan Jarjous

    2020-11-11 08:54:09
  • Zsolt

    2020-11-08 13:38:10

    Keep on doing what you are doing