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claire skinner
United Arab Emirates


As you all may know, I am on a long personal journey to drop this extra weight I am carrying and as an extra incentive, I have chosen to challenge myself to swim a huge distance over the course of 31 days from 1st to 31st October.

During this time, I will be swimming 30,000 meters / 30 kilometers / 18.64 miles for charity. That's 1,364 lengths of my 22 meter apartment pool.

My chosen non-profit organization is Gulf for Good's Save a Smile Campaign.  We invite you to donate virtual masks to help support orphaned children living at Larchfield Children’s Home. Each virtual mask is AED25.

Your donation supports these children as follows:

- AED25 donation (1 virtual mask) provides fresh milk and three square meals for 1 child for 1 day

- AED100 donation (4 virtual masks) provides school uniform for 1 child for 1 year

- AED250 donation (10 virtual masks) provides pencils, note books and other school stationary for 2 children for 1 school year 

- AED500 donation (20 virtual masks) provides 5 large mosquito nets to go over 5 bunk beds protecting 10 children each night against Malaria

- AED1,000 donation (40 virtual masks) provides primary school education for 1 child for 1 academic year 

 To follow me on this journey, visit me on Instagram @thejourneytoskinnyskinner where I will update you with my training, fundraising and personal progress. I will also update here regularly.

If you have been following my journey so far and would like to support me and this great organization, please do give generously - all funds, whatever amount, are much needed and greatly appreciated.

Thank you as always for your support.

Claire x


Due to COVID-19, we cannot currently travel to Tanzania, the home of Mount Kilimanjaro however we remain committed to fundraising for our charity projects and to providing ways for you to keep in touch with us.  

Funds raised through this campaign will provide on-going support for children living at Larchfield Children’s Home.

In 2011, as a response to the desperate plight of Tanzanian children who have been abandoned by parents – either by reason of disease and death, divorce or other incapacity to maintain the family unit, a group of Tanzanian private citizens decided to register a children’s home and to call it, “Larchfield”.

Their aim is to provide a happy, safe and secure home for homeless children, to foster an environment where each child can flourish and develop to his or her full potential regardless of race, sex, religion or other defining characteristics. They would like to promote self-reliance by encouraging life sustaining water resource management and agricultural programmes supporting a nourishing staple diet and organic supplements from arable and non–arable farming; and to provide a focus for cultural community projects and to offer profitable skills and employment within the community. Learn more about Larchfield Children’s Home here:


This challenge is held in association with local not-for-profit Gulf for Good, whose purpose is to change the lives of underprivileged children around the world.

The breakdown of how donations are distributed are as follows:

- 75% of funds raised go to Larchfield Children’s Home

- 15% of funds raised go to Gulf for Good (not-for-profit in the UAE and registered UK charity) for their sustainability

- 10% of funds raised go to International Humanitarian City for their emergency response work 

Learn more about Gulf for Good here:


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claire skinner
United Arab Emirates

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  • Lorraine Skinner

    2021-09-15 08:08:37

    Good Luck Claire, Love Mum xx

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    2021-09-13 10:49:11

    Good luck, Claire x

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    2021-08-28 15:48:48

    Good luck Claire xx

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    2021-08-28 15:40:55
  • Kate Goodman

    2021-07-27 16:43:55

    Go Claire! You'll smash it x

  • Laura Kelly

    2021-07-11 08:14:26

    Good Luck Claire :) You will do great xx

  • Daryl Whiffen

    2021-07-09 11:07:35

    Good Luck Claire!

  • Steve Whiffen

    2021-07-09 10:28:39
  • Kayleigh

    2021-07-07 16:43:58

    Good Luck Claire! 🐬

  • Louise Todd

    2021-07-07 14:53:16

    Well done Claire, so proud of you and what a wonderful cause! You've got this girl 🏊🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️❤️ xx

  • Jaky Sack

    2021-07-07 10:45:18

    Good luck luvvy xx

  • Ace Almeda

    2021-07-07 07:57:23
  • B & G McNay

    2021-07-07 06:32:46

    Go go go!! 🏊‍♀️

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    2021-07-06 17:58:15
  • Kyra van den Berg

    2021-07-06 11:30:30

    Good luck!

  • Majella Archer

    2021-07-06 10:08:21

    Proud of you best of luck, and for such a good cause