Winter Giving

The Big Heart Foundation
United Arab Emirates


For thousands of the beneficiaries we serve at The Big Heart Foundation, winter is a fight for survival. Living in worn-down houses or inadequate shelters due to war or natural disaster, countless people in the MENA region and around the world will face a harsh winter where they will continue to worry about keeping themselves and their families safe, warm, fed, and protected.

Through our Winter Appeal this year, The Big Heart Foundation will be providing vital winter items to help protect vulnerable communities we support against the brutal winter. Our approach prioritizes those in most need; usually children and women who have been displaced and live in sub-zero temperature settings where they lack basic needs. Many of those children, women, and families currently have to survive on one meal, sleeping on stone cold grounds with blankets as thin as bed sheets and walls and roofs made of bamboo sticks and plastic. With your support, we will be able to provide them with warm clothing, blankets, food, heaters, and stoves. Through your support, we can save lives this winter.


The Big Heart Foundation
United Arab Emirates

Raised : 639AED
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Goal : 50,000.00AED

Created Jan 12, 2023

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